Monday, October 15, 2007

My Top Hotties!

Hmmmmmmmm let me share with you a peice of my mind, these guys are the super hottest actors for this year..and I know that 85% of people share the same persuasion with me ;)

Here we go.. you will see also the diffrence between handsomeness and attractiveness

#1: David Beckham (handsome and attractive)

Tho he's not my cup of tee, coz I'm more attracted to faithful guys! but dang he's so sexy!!

#2: Josh Duhamel (handsome and attractive)

#3: Patrick Dempsey (not handsome but attractive)

So adorable when he smiles..

#4: Michael Owen (handsome)

#5: Wentworth Miller ( not handsome but absolutely attractive)

#6: Matthew Perry (Cutie and funny)
I love his smile ;)

And of course Mel Gibson, Alain Delon and Robert Redford when they were young

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