Thursday, October 18, 2007

Corrupted People..

I just wish i can back to the time when there was no TV, no internet..when 90% of people were innocent and 10% were only corrupted...nowadays its 90% are totally corrupted and 7% are about too.

Just this morning i found out that one of my friends which about to get married in just few days..the groom is cheating on her and for about one month he've been sleeping with *&%$*%$# girl!!! and the crap is that he's still insisting that he's in love with his future wife!!! somebody please explain to me what should that supposed to mean?!!!

The girl supposed to be my friend were asking me last night to join her in the room to have 3 some with her boyfriend that she's been with for 1 year. and this morning, she want me to hang out with him coz he have nothing to do and she gonna be busy at work! ok he's not even my friend, but well, no comment!

Another funny picture, a girl i use to hang out with, the reason i quiet going out with her is that she use to sleep with any guy that i get attracted to, even if he's attracted to me she always wanted to win the (competition) and approve to her self that she can get him from me! of course a guy i just met he wont reject a sex offer but also this isn't going to anywhere!

Am I living in the wrong time or people are fine but i'm taking it over serious?!
Is it really hard to trust somebody nowadays?! even if, i said if you trusted him/her you can't trust the people around them..

P.S. yesterday i went out with a girl that engaged and I'm SINGLE and she was flirting with handsome guys as she thought it was fun (not for me) eh any way peace people...peace!

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