Monday, October 15, 2007

The Blind Love

In the old days..
Where humankind didn’t exist yet..
Together morality and depravity..Were circling the world hand by hand… one day, and as a solution to the remediless boredom they were facing..

Creativity suggested a game.. and name it blind man's buff…
Every body liked the idea..

Suddenly insanity screamed: "I want to start.. I want to start…
I’ll be the first to close my eyes and start to count.. and all of you should start to hide"..

Then it leaned its elbows to a tree limb and start counting… One .. two.. three..
Morality and depravity start to hide..
Kindness was the first..
It found a place for its self high above the sky.. there right on top of the moon..
Deception covered it self in a pile of trash..
Passion went and hide among the clouds..
While longing headed to the heart of the earth, Falsity went to the bottom of the lake and said loudly: I’ll hide my self under the rocks ..

Insanity continued counting: Seventy nine…Eighty… eighty one..
At that time.. all completed their escape...Except love …
It wasn’t of a choice.. and consequently, as its habit, didn’t decide where to hide…
And this is not surprising to any body since we all know how difficult it is to hide love..
When insanity reached the hundred..
The love jumped in a bunch of flowers and disappeared..

At that time..
Insanity opened its eyes and start searching..
It was screaming:" I’m coming to you… I’m coming to you.."

The first to be discovered was laziness.. since it didn’t pay any effort to hide it self.
Then kindness that was hiding in the moon, was revealed next..

At the time were insanity was pointing to the longing to come out from earth, Falsity came out of breath from the bottom of the lake..

At the end insanity found them all.. one after another…Except Love..
It was about to surrender and declare its loss until hatred came close and whisper in its ear: "Love is hiding in the flowers bundle!!"

Insanity then caught a wooden fork just like a lance and start stabbing the flowers bundle recklessly to let the love out.

It didn’t stop until it heard a crying voice that tears the hearts apart!!
The Love came out covering its eyes with its hands while the blood is dropping between its fingers…

Insanity then screamed!!!
Ooooh god.. What have I done??
What can I do to fix my mistake.. How can I pay you back what I have done after you lost your eyes?

The love said: you can never bring me back my sight (vision), but here is what you can do for me..

Be my guide!!

And since that day.. the blind love continued to go on steered by insanity..
Just a wonderful story about the blind love wanted to share with you...

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